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Freedom is all I want, but to hope for it I feel ashamed

Obstinate are the trammels, but my heart aches when I try to break them.
Freedom is all I want, but to hope for it I feel ashamed.
I am certain that priceless wealth is in thee, and that thou art my best friend,
but I have not the heart to sweep away the tinsel that fills my room
The shroud that covers me is of dust and death; I hate it, yet hug it in love.
My debts are large, my failures great, my sham secret and heavy;
Yet when I come to ask for my good, I quake in fear lest my prayer be granted.

– Rabindranath Tagore Continue reading


Lesson to learn from Bihar

There is no doubt on the fact that Bihar is moving forward. The promise and expectation of good governance has aroused the native entrepreneurial instinct. Although Nitish Kumar’s government has a long way to go, it has shown positive signs. The signs of awakening in Bihar should ideally, ripple developmental activities in the rest of eastern India, particularly in West Bengal and Jharkhand. Continue reading

Pyramids were not built in a day

Many of my friends claimed that the revolution in Egypt was a Facebook or Twitter revolution. This belief has spread so far that many Indians have notched up their participation on social networking sites in hopes of revolution. Well, as a matter of fact, 17% of Egyptians have internet access which was severely blocked during the revolution. Egyptian revolution was ‘not’ a social media-inspired revolution. Continue reading

I Won’t Pay

When the whole world is witnessing citizen revolutions, why are we Indians left behind? The governments must know that they are installed to serve people and not rule them. We pay taxes for development and reforms. Not for scams! Read my latest article on the-NRI.

The unsocial network

One fine day, I realized that Facebook is an interesting phenomenon in the world of internet. I wanted to publicize my blog on Facebook and the response I got was pretty overwhelming. Infact, it is an interesting research topic on how Facebook manages to keep both the business oriented and interaction oriented people locked in. Things were pretty normal and I was blissfully enjoying my ignorance, until one fine day I read the Facebook privacy policy. Continue reading