Long live Rajiv Dixit!

Rajiv Dixit had his special way of addressing the problems in India. His death is truly saddening. While many of his thinkings are pro RSS and anti-left, he too stood against globalization, privatization and supported farmers. He was also a scientist, orator, and one of the leaders of Swadeshi movement in India, a movement, I believe the leftists of the country must embrace with open arms, in-spite of our internal differences. Here is a video of his speech on use of Swadeshi products-

He also worked in spreading awareness about Indian history and issues with the Indian constitution and Indian economic policies. He fearlessly spoke about issues of corruption in India. His death is a big blow on the country.


27 responses to “Long live Rajiv Dixit!

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  3. Long Live Rajiv!!

  4. long live rajeev dikshit. hope his ideologies continue 2 b implemented by us

  5. Rajeev Bhai was a true Statesman.May God rest his soul in His Lotus Feet.
    We all support our Bharat Swabhimaan Movement.

  6. Long Live Shree Rajiv ji..

  7. Hindu dharma k 4 pravartman stambh mese 1 rajeev ji the unki mrutyu hamari ab tak ki sabse badi kamnasibiyo mese ek hai

    Jay Shree RAM

  8. Hum sada apne dikhaye gaye rah par chalange. Apne boya huva svabhiman ka beej ek di jarur phal dega. Bharat apne dum par duniya mein nam karega.Bhagavan apki atma ko shanti de.

  9. May his Soul rest in peace.

    Miss you Rajiv Dixit.

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  11. Does anyone has any proof that rajeev has passed away?I dont think he can die so soon.

  12. it is a very very big loss. i think the vacuum cannot be filled.

    all the speeches of Rajivji to be made in the form CD and should be posted in this group, if possible. this will help a lot to spread his patriotism to a far extend. if any one can try for this, specially those who have IT skills

  13. I can’t believe that Rajivji is no more with us . I had been hearing his speeches since 1997 when he released his first audio cassette on ‘Aajadi Bahcaho Andolan’ on occasion of 50th independence year of India.
    Now the one big question is – Who will make Indians aware about malpractices and corruption on Indian politics and MNCs???


    I was a very close associate of Rajiv Dixit, taking his movement forward in the Karnataka State. It was shocking and unbelieveable when I heard that such a leader is no more. The best way of paying respects to him is to carry forward his vision and build a country which is free from corruption, ill-health and hunger.
    In fact it is corruption which is eating away this country. If that is set right then everything goes well. We should evolve as senani doing our little best possible in this direction.
    Let rajiv dixit (his works) evolve amongst us

  15. Swargiye Rajiv Bhai ko Sat Sat Naman ham apki kami ko kabhi pura nahi kar payenge par apke sapne ko bhi nahi marne denge isliye meri har bharatwasi se vinati hai ki jo bhi Rajiv Bhai ke usoolo pr chalna chahta hai woh sirf itna kare ki Rajiv Bhai ke lectures ke videos aur unki websiteka link apne jaane walo ko, relatives mail ke through forward kare aur unhe bataaye ki hamara bharat kya hai aur kya ban sakta hai.
    Jai Hind, Jai Bharat

  16. we will follow his footsteps. jai hind. Jai hindu

  17. can we ask d question on death of rajiv ji from media why media is silent ?

  18. what makes me think more is why ramdevbaba did nothing to solve conspiracy or even raise this issue.how can he simply believe that it was natural death caused by cardiac arrest.another thing to be noticed is that where is ramdevbaba’s guru there has been no news of him since he was reported missing.and there has been no comment from ramdevbaba side on that issue ther is a chance that he may have suffered same fate as dixit.this raises question whether ramdevbaba is behind all this. Another thing is why even dixit’s family member did not appealed for his postmortem. And is there any person left in india who will continue this mission who will bring more truths about everything as dixit did are those evidents provided by dixit are preserved and what all truths could have been exposed by him…

  19. I was totally Shocked to know that Shri.Rajiv Desaiji is no more. He was a true patriot. Yes, I consider him as a Shaeed. I do not have any doubt that he has been eliminated because he was trying to expose truth to the masses. Today the common man lives in a world of deception. Our entire understanding of the world and current affairs is filtered through the mass media, interpreted by journalists and so-called experts. Their views become our views simply because we are not offered any alternatives. Rajivji was exposing the realty. He has been murdered. This is possible because there are technologies and weapons available to do killing by remote. It may sound science fiction but the secret technology is very much there in use.
    Here is proof of the acknowledgement of such a technology. In a Keynote address at the valedictory function of Forensic Science Forum 93rd Indian Science Congress 2006 by Director-cum-Chief Forensic Scientist, Ministry of Home Affairs, Dr M S Rao said “Now target oriented low frequency portable electromagnetic radiation tools have been developed which can Remotely be used by criminals on our body parts and create havoc in respect of brain damage, heartache, kidney failure, lever damage, etc But the criminal will leave no trace of his involvement through these criminal acts and these are going to be a big challenge to forensic experts.” News Report relating to this speech is here: http://www.hinduonnet.com/2006/01/07/stories/2006010719370400.htm Full text report of the speech is also attached with this info .

    The other links for the technology for Remote Heart attack are listed below.
    A people zapper is a weapon that fires electromagnetic (radio) waves, like microwaves, at a person or a group of persons. Such a weapon is also called a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW). Different frequencies at which these weapons operate have different effects e.g. induce pain, agitation, muscular activity, muscular weakness and lethargy, burn human skin, enhance the effects of drugs, bacteria and poisons, affect the functioning of the brain.
    Some sources call these weapons non-lethal, but this is misleading since the energy emitted from all of these weapons can kill when appropriately amplified or continously applied for a period of time.These weapons are not science-fiction but are used covertly on people all over the world.
    “These governments use a two phase program. The first phase consists of an harassment, stalking, surveillance program. The second phase consists of a program that uses “INVISIBLE BULLETS“.from Directed Energy Weapons to harm, destroy a persons life, cause various diseases leading to death made to look like natural causes or just killing a person by giving them a heart attack or brain anyerism.”

    High-Tech Crimes and Electromagnetic Madness by Arlene Tyner
    In an article published last year in Matrix 3000, Band 4, a German publication, Welsh writes, “Heart attacks, suicides, assassinations, blackmail, all can be done remotely leaving no trace of evidence to tie it to the perpetrators.”
    Excerpts from Nexus Magazine Feb/March 1993An expose on the intelligence agencies and their experiments with Remote Mind Control.
    “Allen Frey also reported that he could speed up, slow down, or stop isolated frogs’ hearts by synchronising the pulse rate of a microwave beam with the beat of the heart itself. “According to Robert Becker, similar results have been obtained using live frogs, indicating that it’s technically feasible to produce heart attacks with a ray designed to penetrate the human chest.” I should mention that Becker does not participate in such research as far as I know. I believe that he is interested in the more humane aspects of electro-magnetic research, and is fairly critical of military and intelligence applications of this type of research.”
    Electromagnetic Radiation (emr) Weapons:As Powerful As The Atomic Bomb
    By Cheryl Welsh, president Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, Copyright Feb. 2001
    1976, Federal Times, December 13, 1976, “Microwave Weapons Study by Soviets Cited.” The Defense Intelligence Agency has released a report on heavy Communist research on microwaves, including their use as weapons. Microwaves are used in radar, television and microwave ovens. They can cause disorientation and possibly heart attacks in humans.”
    Invisible WarfareFrom: The Body Electric by Dr. Robert Becker. Copyright 1985. Reproduced for research purposes only. Chapter 15: Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
    “In the 1960s Frey also reported that he could speed up, slow down, or stop isolated frog hearts by synchronizing the pulse rate of a microwave beam with the beat of the heart itself. Similiar results have been obtained using live frogs, indicating that it’s technically feasible to produce heart attacks with a ray designed to penetrate the human chest.”
    Planet Earth As Weapon and Target LEUREN MORET
    World Affairs, The Journal of International Issues v.9, n.4, Winter 2005
    “Beginning in 1960 the Soviet Union directed the high frequency beamsof radiation at the US Embassy in Moscow which were calculated not to pick up intelligence but cause physiological effects on personnel. The effects the Soviets calculated to achieve in the personnel serving (at least as early as 1960) included (A) Malaise (B) Irritability, (C) Extreme fatigue. At this time the Soviets believed that the induced effects were temporary. Subsequently, it has been verified that the effects are not temporary. Definitely tied to such radiation and the UHF/VHF electromagnetic waves are: (A) Cataracts, (B) Blood changes that induce heart attacks, (C) Malignancies, (D) Circulatory problems, and (E) Permanent deterioration of the nervous system. In most cases the after-effects do not become evident until long after exposure—a decade or more.”

    Also See:

  20. gajab….kaha ho bhai

  21. bhai ji aaj se app ka diwana hu

  22. 9560003706, I like rajeev dixit

  23. Me rajiv dixit ke bare me janna chahti hu, koi mujhe help karoge please.

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