Monthly Archives: October 2010


Karachiwala is beautiful book written by Rumana Husain. It offers a window-view of Karachi and presents us with its social and physical diversity. It vividly elaborates upon the lifestyle, language, values and interests of people of different communities living in beautiful nawabi city. The book reveals how these different communities together create the cosmopolitan character of the city, and give it its vitality and resilience amidst its social disparities and tensions. I recently read its review in Frontline. The reviewer, A.G. Noorani writes “The volume deserves wide readership in India, if only to bring home to us the barbarity of the curbs which the governments of India and Pakistan have imposed to keep apart two peoples, who have a lot to learn from each other.” Continue reading

The magic of film posters

Poster art is one of the best forms of art. Posters can speak more than photographs, as they can capture the painter’s vivid imagination and his master strokes. Unfortunately, the art of making good posters is slowly diminishing. We hardly see good posters these days. The poster artists, who played a significant part in making those wonderful posters of Sholay, Umrao Jaan, Mughal-e-Aazam, Deewar, are either unemployed or are involved in making posters for cheap B-grade films. Isn’t that a matter of shame for all of us? Continue reading

Yuva raj or Yuvraj?

Media is happy telling us about the youth brigade that has entered politics. There are about 90 such MPs in the Parliament. But have we ever stepped aside and looked at them beyond what media is busy portraying them? All these young leaders have ‘inherited’ their parents. To get better visibility, let us take a few popular names, though the list is endless- Continue reading

The everyday assassination of Gandhi

Recently the country celebrated Gandhi jayanti. This day hardly meant anything to many of us. Most students and professionals enjoyed their day with friends or watching a recent film. But, don’t you think, it is high time we sit back and think his principles and ideologies and what this man stood for? Don’t you think it is high time for us to practice and not preach him? Continue reading

Rupee symbol and India’s look west policy

It made me really happy to know that Indian currency has found a symbol. It surely is an optimistic move by the government. Critics may claim that this move is of no use, but lets understand, that this move claims how confident India is, in the global market. It makes me feel proud that Indian rupee has joined the elite club of global currencies like the US Dollar, the British Pound, European Euro and Japanese Yen that have unique symbols. Continue reading