Monthly Archives: September 2010

Eid Mubarak!!

Wishing a happy and prosperous eid to all my Muslim brothers and sisters across the globe. Ramadan has ended again. After a month of abstinence, control and spiritual training now its time to appreciate and admire what you have done. It’s an emotional goodbye to Ramadan. Also, it’s a moment of joy, blushing faces of little kids, bright bangles in fragile wrists. It’s a moment to hug each other and praise the wonderful creation of Allah! Continue reading


Nuke Bill– Whose Liability? Whose Bills?

Gross political miscalculation of the human life! How much profit can break it even?

The-NRI has published my article which deals with the ill-effects of the Nuke Bill and the great Indian political game behind it. The link is here. Continue reading

The Thalassemic kid!

Ever heard of Thalassemia? It is a genetic blood disorder in which the bone marrow cannot form sufficient red blood cells. This disease is generally passed from parents to their child with a probability of 0.25. Such a patient needs blood on a regular basis, just to keep him alive! Continue reading

Not just blood, but also Google search experts!

One fine evening, Few of the volunteers of Sankalp emergency wing received a call. A patient in Gulbarga urgently needed AB- blood. Gulbarga is one of the remotest places in Karnataka with very little blood awareness, and finding a donor there was a tough challenge. The blood banks of Gulbarga and its neighboring districts (Bijapur, Bidar, Raichur) were running dry! The volunteers were left with a very few options- Continue reading

The dengue crisis

Recently I interviewed a volunteer of the Sankalp emergency wing, on the current blood shortage that has hit the state due to dengue. Read on- Continue reading