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Atithi devo bhawah

The ministry of tourism is using this ancient adage to promote tourism by a publicity campaign. They are selling ‘Incredible India’. The ministry also started a campaign ‘Atithi devo bhavah’, which they claim- ‘A nation wide campaign that aims at sensitizing key stakeholders towards tourists, through a process of training and orientation’. They have also come up with some wonderful ads to promote this, with Aamir Khan as their brand ambassador- Continue reading


Engineering in four steps

Engineering, irrespective of domains, is essentially a four step process. The first step is about understanding the problem. Academically speaking, we students are never taught to identify a problem and adhere to it; instead, we are given problems for which answers are there in the prescribed text book. And a beautiful learning process turns into a mindless race of mugging and vomiting. Continue reading

Fall of Indian politics

Politics is an integral part of literally everything in India. From literature, films, arts, to newspapers- all have politics running through them. There hardly exists an institution, which politics has not infiltrated- formally or informally. Students union, labour union, bus driver’s union, doctor’s union- politics is omnipresent! Continue reading

The Bhopal massacre

If there has been one story of a mass murder by a corporation then it  is without doubt Bhopal! Need not mention that it is not the ‘system‘ that is responsible. All over Europe the maximum permissible storage limit for MIC (methyl isocyanate) is half a ton. At the Bhopal plant, the US company’s management overrode the wishes of the managers of its Indian subsidiary and kept the storage capacity hazardously high at over 90 tons! On the night of the disaster, 67 tons of MIC were stored in two tanks. They also decided to reduce operational costs by drastically cutting down maintenance personnel. Continue reading

Truth behind Bhopal

After the clumsy decision over Bhopal Gas Tragedy, in the past few days, newspapers and news channels have asked a question- “has the system failed us?” After writing yesterday’s article, I woke up in the middle of the night, and a question disturbed me- ‘who’ is this ‘system’? To find answers to it, I peeped into this chronology of events. Continue reading