Monthly Archives: May 2010

My letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh

Dear Sir

Sir, my hearty congratulations on the completion of one year of your second term as the PM of this great country. It was really generous of you to address the press on this occasion, last Monday. You discussed your government’s performance in its first year, including your plans on the Kashmir issue. But sir, this was the first time in three long years and only the second in your six long years in office that you have subject yourself to open scrutiny by the media. Your interviews to Indian media have been very few, while you have been quite generous with the foreign media. For a government that speaks of the Right to Information era in this country, frankly, that’s a bad record. Continue reading


My kung-fu chronicles

This is my 150th article. On this auspicious occasion, I’ll tell you the legendary story of a great Kung-Fu master!

When I was a kid, I saw the movie, “Enter the Dragon”. I became an instant fan of Bruce Lee. From that day onwards, I used to often stand in front of the mirror and admire my rib cage bones and scream like Bruce Lee. I even went on to break the wash basin, window pane, showcase glass, and dishes at home. Such outbursts had often led to my father beating me up very badly. Continue reading

The Manipur tragedy

I recently read an article by Tarun Vijay. It was an interesting read. For more than 6 weeks now, the tribals of Manipur have blocked two highways- NH39 and NH53 that lead into the state. They are protesting against the Manipur government’s decision not to allow Mr. Muivah to visit his birthplace in Manipur. Mr Muivah  is the head of National Socialist Council of Nagaland, which is fighting for “Greater Nagaland”. A detailed report on the issue can be found here. Continue reading

Sports, politics and reforms

Recently, the union sports minister mooted a proposal that the heads of different sports bodies of our country should have a fixed tenure of 12 years. This was immediately followed by a big halla by the existing heads of these bodies. The IOA (Indian Olympic Association) president commented- “If the IOC imposes sanctions, it can bring to a standstill all sports activity in the country.” As if the ‘sports activity’ of India was ‘moving’ all these years! 😀 Continue reading

Primary school engineering…

Everytime I catch hold of an engineering text-book to study it, I have a feeling- “This subject is good! How can these teachers make it so boring!” And this is the story with almost every friend of mine, studying in the best engineering colleges all across the country. Many teachers we come across are either too demotivated to try something new, or are too unwilling to learn the subject along with us. It is a fact, that our country terribly lacks teachers, and those who become one are either too lazy to work, or are not fit for any better job. Very few are here for the right cause. Continue reading