Monthly Archives: March 2010

Man created God

As Shaheed diwas is commencing, I was reading the writings and speeches of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, the great martyr. In his famous writing “Why I Am An Atheist?”, he mentions-

Philosophy is the outcome of human weakness or limitation of knowledge Continue reading

The Sankalp ambigram

A dream, an opportunity, a cause, a privilege!

On women reservation

Women reservation bill has been passed. What is the logic behind the reservation being 33% and not higher? It is for sure that the next gen activists will again ask for more. But what must be the expected advantages? Can this bill enhance the female literacy in India? Will we look at women with greater respect? Or will these women end up like the powerful female characters of Ekta Kapoor soaps? Continue reading

The elephant stampede

It is very painful to read that in an unfortunate incident, 65 people were killed, that too for absolutely no reason. One electric wire, and one rumor; that’s it! Uncontrollable stampede happened at the Kripalu Maharaj’s ashram in UP, where food and utensils were distributed to mark the 1st anniversary of the wife of the swami. Continue reading

My father’s eyes

Yesterday was a special day of my life.

The day started normally; with a big yawn and a long stare at the ceiling fan- thinking about the things that are to be done today. Baba (my father) along with two of his colleagues were supposed to visit me. It was long since I’d met him. I had all plans to introduce to the people I admire the most- the Sankalp volunteers! Continue reading