Monthly Archives: February 2010

Shall we find a new national animal?

With Only 1411 tigers remaining in India, its shocking to read that a century ago there were 40,000 tigers and there has been a decline of 60% in the past decade. Rudyard Kipling’s India was a land of fantasy, which is slowly turning into a nightmare. A country where tiger is the spirit of Indian jungle, the symbol of Indian wilderness is disappearing slowly and steadily. Continue reading


Dolly zoom and dutch angles

Dolly zoom, is an art of cinematography where the camera is pulled away from a subject while the lens zooms in, or vice-versa. The effect of it depends on the direction in which the camera is moved. If the camera moves closer, the background seems to grow and become dominant. If the camera moves further away, the foreground subject is emphasized and becomes dominant. This trick was first developed by Irmin Roberts, in the Hitchcock classic Vertigo. Continue reading

Mumbai falling

I love dadu’s tales of the good old Calcutta of the ’50s. Today, Calcutta has hardly anything new to offer. Why did the city die? Even dadu resorts to silence on such questions. Today I see one more city going the Calcutta way- Mumbai. I read Rajiv Gandhi had once made a similar statement for Calcutta, but no one could save it. Maybe it was too late then. But now there is time for our leaders to save Mumbai. Continue reading

The master-student bond

There have been long debates on the problems with our education system. Through some of my earlier posts I too have mentioned my opinion on the issue. All said and done, then why is the change not happening? Why doesn’t the student directly start questioning the teacher? Why is the ice not broken yet? Continue reading

Anatomy of the Indian sports

I’ll start with a renowned question you must be bored of- “Do you know, Hockey is the national sport of India?” The players of the same sport recently protested against the non-payment of their dues and the poor quality food they eat on tours and trainings, and their health insurance- something that every sport-person deserves. And there was a big halla over the “awakening of the sleeping minors”. Continue reading

My name is the-mockery-see

I am completely disgusted by the Sena-SRK drama going around. Here we have Shiv Sena, with their electoral fortunes and their relevance eroding heavily, they thereby taking a swing at anyone and everyone; SRK being their ideal target. Sena has targeted his latest film with typical made-for-media attacks on theatres screening the movie. Continue reading

My answers to my questions

I had some questions in my head which disturbed me for quite sometime.

I followed “India after Gandhi” by Ramachandra Guha and was pretty much convinced by globalization. Then, I picked up P. Sainath’s “Everybody Loves A Good Drought”. Sainath sir is probably the only journalist who has worked extensively in India’s most rural districts and has time and again, attempted to bring out the causes of the poorest of India’s citizens. On one hand, we are emerging as the next super power. On the other, we have our farmers dying of poverty. I was feeling uneasy about it. Continue reading