Monthly Archives: January 2010

On modern day journalism

I was recently watching an interview of Aamir Khan on Aaj Tak. The journalist interviewing him was asking him ridiculous questions like which actresses you want to work with, etc; pouring much unnecessary masala into it. Aamir Khan was giving well thought answers- that made sense. There was a clear distinction between the intellectual levels of Aamir Khan and this journalist, who was making a mockery out of himself. I asked myself- “Is this the state of Indian media today, or am I a part of the minority that hates such things on television? Are my countrymen watching THIS!!” Continue reading

Untold love stories in popular Indian cinema

Is it merely a coincidence that some watchable popular films have an element of untold unfinished love in them? May it be the massive Sholay or the youth heart throb Dil Chahta Hai. The common characteristics of these love stories is they are silent and often controversial. Continue reading

Madhu Koda- one more scam…

In a country where one scam is uncovered every second month and the scam value has a series of unending zeroes trailing behind it, who cares anymore for a hundred-crore scam? Since 1992, the total money involved in scams in India stands approximately at an enormous Rs. 73 lakh crore. Does that strike a chord? Continue reading

Nationalism is but extended Regionalism

I was discussing the idea of dividing land for personal interests. India is probably the only country where states and provinces are divided on the basis of languages and cultures. Sometimes I wondered, what it would be if it was divided by intersecting straight lines as in US or Canada? Recent demands of Telangana evoked this complaint of mine again.. I went back home for holidays and as ever, was discussing these social issues with my father. He gave me an interesting insight into these things. Continue reading

Ramayana, as I see it

It is interesting how A K Ramanujan’s essay throws great light on the ways Ramayan is told in different parts of the subcontinent. I think of Ramayana as some form of true story, or folklore which got mixed up into religion and later exaggerated. I’ll try to justify Ramayana as a story that can be believed. Continue reading