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Technology lovers, film lovers

With the 3-d movement entering the mainstream cinema, one more era of cinema is coming to an end. Cinema has always been the ultimate ground for implementing the latest advancements in sound and visual technologies. Generically speaking, cinema is all about conveying ideas- the storyline. The technology involved is secondary. Good cinema embeds the available technology to narrate an idea. It is the story that ultimately matters. Continue reading


Are those good old days gone?

I often wonder, will there come an era in cinema when directors like Kubrick, Kurosawa, Ray, Bergman, Fellini and Welles will ever be born again? Is it just because those techniques have been replaced by the modern digital imagery and 3-D animation, or simply a void that has been created? I often wonder, do these greats have any successors, or their vision, style and story-telling skills are only case studies for present day directors and critics? Continue reading

The French new wave cinema

I recently watched Godard’s Breathless, and I’ve always been a fan of Francois Truffaut- two of the the pioneers of the French new wave cinema. This was the time when the French style of film-making was knitted with Italian neorealism and classical Hollywood cinema. After the second world war, France was undergoing some economic troubles, but this didn’t stop the talented young directors who used all that they had available, to channel their artistic visions directly to the theatre. This movement started in late 1950s and lasted to the mid of 60s. Continue reading

In Conversation with P Sainath

Dear Sir

One thing that has changed significantly in the past 15 years is the size and the quality of lifestyle of the Indian middle class. Lives have changed since the 1991 economic reforms. But these reforms are also responsible for the downfall of these lakhs and lakhs of farmers’ death. A country cannot run with an alloy wheel and a wheel not rotating at all. This has to be stopped. Unfortunately, we only end up blaming the government for all of these. Continue reading

Random is not that random

“Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin” – John Von Newman Continue reading