50 years since Sino-Indian war

1,383 jawans were killed, 1,047 were wounded, 1,696 went missing and 3,968 were captured. Songs like ‘Aye mere watan ke logon‘ and ‘Kar chale hum fida‘ were written. Films like Haqeeqat were made. Poems were written and teardrops were shed on the graves of the brave men who lost their lives protecting the honour and people of this land! 50 years have passed since the great war between India and China was fought in the most unfavorable conditions one can imagine! Do we remember? Are we concerned?

Reading about the war gives me goosebumps and arouses an irrepressible surge of patriotism. But it also makes me angry! Angry- because after a millennium of servitude, we are still incapable of protecting and preserving the national integrity of our motherland! Angry- because national security is still not a priority for us! We first allow 26/11 and Parliament attack and then serve Kasab and Afzal Guru as our national guests! Angry- that we find IPL to be more important than blockades in Manipur and earthquakes in Sikkim!

Angry- that caste, region and religion continues to divide us and rule our thoughts and actions! Angry- that we allow the corrupt spineless and incompetent hooligans to dictate the course of our motherland! Angry- that we don’t vote and are least bothered about the matters of national interest! How on earth do we expect Kashmiris to feel for this land when we let the state be molested at will by Pakistan and China in turns! Angry- that Kashmir and Arunanchal are still ‘issues’ for us and have not become reasons for our sleepless nights!

Do hell with the government! A country functions only as much as its people! It is high time we understand this!

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3 responses to “50 years since Sino-Indian war

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