Enabling the disabled

sourav_roy_hanumanth_raoStarted from a garage 38 years back, Dr Hanumanth Rao today runs India’s biggest establishment for those suffering from disability, both physical and mental. Read the full article on YourStory

The state of hockey

sourav_roy_Mukesh_KumarIn a recent meeting with YourStory, Ex-captain of the Indian hockey team, Mukesh Kumar remembers some special moments of his sporting life and expresses his deep dissatisfaction towards the falling standards of our national sport. Read the full article on YourStory

Issue based progress report

sourav_roy_delhi_govtThe Delhi government, on completion of 100 days, has made some tall announcements. It has also shown initial work and intent to get some of their promised work done. From public education, to public healthcare and public transport; from women safety to strengthening judiciary, their progress report speaks it all. Read the full article on YourStory

Roads to perdition

sourav_roy_road_signThe Supreme Court recently lashed out at the Central and state governments for lack of coordination over road safety, claiming that over 70% of two wheelers plying on the road were without insurance, and the data on the number of road accidents provided by the central and state governments do on match. Read the full article on YourStory

Tea time blues

tea_workersIndia is the world’s second-largest producer of tea after China. 70% of its tea is consumed within India itself, making us the largest tea-drinking nation in the world. However, Indian tea industry workers are notoriously badly-paid and often live in grubby conditions. On an average, these workers receive around 50 rupees a day. The tea estates still follow colonial-era labour structures, and are trodden by corporate greed and faulty trade unions. Read the full article on YourStory

Must watch films for entrepreneurs

pyaasaFilms are often a reflection of our society but they also hold a mirror to us. It is no wonder then that the good ones go on to show the tragedy and triumph of the human life, thereby influencing all of us in some way. We’ve handpicked 20 movies that show the tenacity, passion and undying spirit of its characters which all entrepreneurs can relate to. Read the full article on YourStory

Laborious children

The cabinet has approved a ban on employment of children below 14 years, except for some family businesses, entertainment and sports activities, while raising the punishment for violations to up to three years of jail. The Bill, when introduced in the Rajya Sabha in 2012, recommended a complete ban on child labour until they finish elementary education. But a modified Bill was passed by the new government claiming that a complete ban could upset the social fabric of the country. Read the full article on YourStory