Let’s color maths

sourav_roy_meghalaya_mathsMeghalaya’s innovative teaching of maths in foundation classes, aimed at making learning of the subject easy and attractive, has been deployed in 57 schools. The plan for future is to take the initiative to 3,000 more schools. Read the full article on YourStory

Who killed our beloved monsoon?

sourav_roy_monsoonTo cut short, climate change. The Indian Ocean warming, along with a relatively subdued warming of the Indian subcontinent, has played a key role in weakening the land-sea thermal contrast, a major driver of the South Asian monsoon. The past century has witnessed a significant decrease in summer monsoon rainfall over the central-east and northern regions of India. Read the full article on YourStory

Blood as freely available as glucose

sourav_roy_world_blood_donor_dayBlood requirement is not a rare thing. In every few seconds, someone in India needs blood. Imagine a situation when a friend or relative of yours is in need of blood. You visit a blood bank. What are the possible ways blood will get arranged in the given situation? There are three ways, precisely. Read the full article on YourStory

Four and a half days

sourav_roy_kailash_satyarthiRueing that global funding for education has stagnated over the past four years, campaigner against child labour and Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi has said that an additional $22 billion annually, which is just four-and-a-half days of global military expenditure, can bring all children to school. Read the full article on YourStory

Ably Renewable

sourav_roy_renewable_globalHope prevails, with a total of 164 countries have adopted at least one type of renewable energy target, up from just 43 countries in 2005. Of these, 131 countries are developing and emerging economies. Read the full article on YourStory

The solar synergy

sourav_roy_shantiniketan_renewable_energyPearsonpally, a tribal village near Shantiniketan, will soon receive 24×7 uninterrupted power from renewable energy sources, as experts from the UK and IITs are working together to create a new model which combines the best of solar power, biomass energy and hydrogen. Read the full article on YourStory

Green greener greenest

sourav_roy_green_mizoram_dayEach year, on a particular day in June, Mizoram observes Green Mizoram Day, a day dedicated to planting of tree saplings and maintenance of the trees planted in the previous years. Citizens of the state have planted 36 lakh trees in 17 years. Read the full article on YourStory