Surveying bliss

sourav-roy-river-dolphinAmitav Ghosh’s celebrated novel ‘The Hungry Tide’ is set in the Sunderbans and one of its protagonists arrives in the region to study the Gangetic River Dolphin. What follows in the story’s narrative makes you fall in love with not only these dolphins, but also their habitat – the Sunderbans, where river Ganga and Brahmaputra do an entwined dance. The endangered species will soon get surveyed. Read the full article on YourStory

No country for old men?

sourav-roy-elderly-indiaOscar Wilde once said, “Youth is wasted on the young.” Makes us wonder, have the neglected, rejected and abused elderlies wasted their youth on us? Statistics claim that over two-thirds of elderly people in India are neglected by their family members, and over one third are abused. Read the full article on YourStory

The road ahead

sourav-roy-transgenger-bengalThe West Bengal Government has taken special initiatives to upgrade status of the highly marginalised and vulnerable transgenders who are lagging behind on human development indices mainly in the areas of education and employment. Read the full article on YourStory

Butterflies in my heart

sourav-roy-butterflyA new butterfly specie has been discovered in Arunachal Pradesh after many years, raising the possibility that many more species that are new to science still remain to be discovered in the remote mountain ranges and forests of the state and in the North East India as a whole. Read the full article on YourStory

Love thy animals

sourav-roy-animal-loveSchool children across Kerala will soon receive a daily lesson to ensure a future in which animals, the environment they live in, and human beings are treated respectfully. Read the full article on YourStory

Childhood friends

sourav-roy-child-labourWith 168 million children trapped in child labour, 14 Nobel laureates from across the world, led by Kailash Satyarthi, have appealed to the UN and the international community at large to “loosen the purse strings” and invest in education to protect children from exploitation and violence.  Read the full article on YourStory

Rockin in the free world

sourav-roy-goa-musical-protestA group of musicians in Goa have been protesting a proposed golf course project in the state by singing songs on the streets every Sunday. These songs of protest and revolution at Mapusa, Margao and Panaji urge common citizens to join the protests against the proposed project that the project will have immense environmental impact on the surrounding areas.  Read the full article on YourStory